Culpeper and Charlottesville Bankruptcy Lawyer: Marshall Slayton

Client Reviews for Marshall Slayton

"Marshall Slayton provided complete professional handling of our bankruptcy filing – from initial conversations thru to the end. He was very down to earth, easy to talk to and very understanding of the circumstances that led to the need for the bankruptcy filing. He was always available to discuss possible issues and to answer any questions. He provided very helpful suggestions and insights into the entire process and guided us step by step." -- M.K.

"Mr. Slayton was very thorough and professional in dealing with my bankruptcy case. He was detailed in his explanation of the process and answered all of my questions. He handled every aspect of my claim and I would highly recommend him to anyone dealing with a bankruptcy issue." -- E.

"One of the most discouraging moments of my life as I have always had exceptional credit. Marshall took great care of me and made the experience less painful. Highly recommended." -- K.

"After a lot of thought my husband and I decided to look into bankruptcy. It all seemed so overwhelming. A friend had referred us to Mr. Slayton. We were given a free consultation on filing for chapter 13. Mr. Slayton was very respectful and has made the process a lot less painful for us ! He is quick to respond to any questions we have and doesn't mind explaining things out to us. We highly recommend him!" -- K.

"When my wife and I were in a bad place,we knew there was only one thing we could do but we were scared. We thought we would be shamed and made to feel undeserving. That wasn't the case we called Mr. Slayton he was very prompt kind and able minded he let us know that we were not alone and many people face the same challenges. He kept us up to date step by step and was always there when we had a question. If you've hit a rough patch I would suggest Mr. Slayton over anyone else." -- Anonymous

"Filing bankruptcy is not something I was looking forward to doing but I knew that was the only way to get back on my feet. Mr. Slayton is a very caring and helpful lawyer. He made me feel comfortable from the very first time I met him. He never once made me feel bad for making this decision and I never felt like I was being judged for my mistakes. I highly recommend Mr.Slayton for your legal needs." -- R.

"This was my first time filing Bankruptcy. I called Mr. Slayton, met with him, and from the first time I talked with him he made me feel very comfortable thru out the entire process. He assured the process would be just fine, and he did exactly that. He was very polite, very helpful and experienced. I would highly recommend Marshall Slayton to anyone that is in need of a great lawyer." -- C.

"Mr. Slayton is highly competent and is a true expert in bankruptcy. He cares about the well-being of his clients and makes the entire process easy. I am an attorney and I considered trying to file my own bankruptcy; I am so glad that I didn't. The (extremely reasonable) fee charged by Mr. Slayton was well worth it. He kept me informed, anticipated future contingencies, and his manner put me completely at ease. My case went much more quickly than I thought it would, and being represented by Mr. Slayton removed almost all the stress involved in the process. Highly recommend." -- A.

"Marshall Slayton is a superb lawyer of the highest integrity. He is very knowledgeable, well organized, and thorough. He is very pleasant to work with, and his personal attention to my situation made a very difficult and embarrassing experience much easier to deal with. He was completely dedicated to my case and always kept me informed of every step and in a timely manner. The work was done in a competent and efficient manner. When I got in court I felt at ease just having him by my side." -- M.

"I found Marshall to be extremely professional, proficient, efficient, empathetic and knowledgable. Having suffered through 8 months of chemotherapy, we found it necessary to declare Chapter 13 Personal and Small Business Bankruptcy. Our credit was perfect before I became sick and it took Marshall's understanding and knowledge to give us the advice and direction we needed to make the right decisions. Marshall was quick to respond to our many questions and helpful with our paperwork. Our work papers and documents were in order and the meeting with the Trustee was problem free." -- Anonymous

"This is our first time filing bankruptcy. We had no idea what we needed to do. We contacted Mr. Slayton and got right in to meet with him. We explained our situation and he guided us in right direction. He did all the work, all we had to do was get him the information he needed. At our hearing as we waited for our case we heard other cases being reviewed. Most all of them required more information, I was a little worried that ours would too. We went up and she asked us about our case and said I have no more questions, everything is in order. That was such a relief! I highly recommend Mr. Slayton." -- T.